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Personal Safety SOS App

with Trained Rescue Squad, Ambulances, prompt Response Center.


These numbers are constantly increasing, day by day.


And counting. Fully equipped private ambulances are on-road, in different parts of city.

Rescue Personnel

Well trained and skilled trained personnel ready to pull you out from any dangerous situation.

1 Million

Trust comes with experience. We have done over a million rescues in our long experience.

Best Life-Saving Innovation Award

We were honored at Ravishing Design Awards 2018 as Best Life Saving Innovation Award. The jury was impressed by the results of our efforts. Our team was honored and awarded by non other than Diya Mirza.

Rakkshak was introduced on stage as a simple and effective personal security system that is revolutionizing emergency services in India.

Best Life-Saving Innovation Award
How we are Ready
Rescue Squad Members

450+ Rescue Squad Members

Rescue squad members are well trained by professionals in First-Aid, CPR and Disaster Management. Rescue squad is dispatched as soon as you press the “SOS” button.

Our squad members are specially trained to ensure Women safety in Delhi.

Rescue squad is trained for road accident emergencies, women safety emergencies, fire emergencies, medical emergencies, kids protection, elderly protection, and any other emergencies. You just need to press the “SOS” button.

Our emergency rescue team has proven themselves in every aspect of rescue by doing more than one million rescues.

100+ Well Equipped Ambulances

A good SOS App needs best network of ambulances. Rakkshak has More than 100 ambulances running on the roads, in different parts of city. This number is increasing day by day. All the ambulances are connected with vast network of Rakkshak squad and response centers.

As Soon As “SOS” button is pressed, ambulance is dispatched to your Live Location to help you out.

From wheelchairs to stretchers, thermometer to ECG monitor and first aid box to oxygen, everything is kept ready in ambulance to save your precious life. Squad members and medics are sent with ambulance.

100+ Well Equipped Ambulances

Watch Over Me: Your Guardian Angel

You are travelling alone and someone is following you, or your taxi driver is behaving suspiciously, or you just feel unsafe while jogging? In any these situations, you are scared and helpless. You wish if someone can accompany you.

“Watch Over Me” feature of our Women Safety App is just to kill all these fears. One tap on the button and you are connected to our response centers that monitor your Live location and activity. Once you tap the button:

  • Help Center Professional calls you instantly.
  • Track your journey or activity Live, until you reach your destination.
  • Call you periodically to ensure your safety.
  • Send Rescue Squad if any suspicious activity observed.

24/7 Response Centers

India’s First Personal Safety App stays alert 24×7, so that you can live in peace.
Our help center professionals call you instantly as you press the SOS button or “Watch Over Me” button.
Our Help Center has:

  • Professional advisors for emergencies
  • 100% response record
  • Knowledge of dealing with different type of emergencies

Professionals get the understanding of your situation and take action accordingly. If required, they dispatch rescue squad and ambulance to your Live location.

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How it Works

Our Emergency Response App works in a simple and efficient manner:


Press SOS / WOM Button


Help Center Responds


Rescue Squad Dispatched


Rescue You From Emergency

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