Our Mission is to Save Lives

With a network of trained rescue personnel and ambulances, Rakkshak is working to save as many lives as possible, with our emergency response app.

India's First Private Emergency
Response App

How It All Started?

Vineet Jain started RACE (Rapid Action in Car Emergency) in 1996 to provide on-road assistance to vehicles. Even without advanced technologies at that time, Vineet Jain made it a huge success, spreading it to 30 cities and 1.5 million customers. By 2010, he and his team had performed more than 1 million rescues!

While doing these vehicle rescues, Vineet witnessed many cases in which human lives were at stake. Victims asked for help, but there was no sign of so called dedicated government emergency services. In one case, his acquaintance had critical emergency and called 100, no one picked it up.
All these events jolted him. He thought, he was already rescuing vehicles, so why not People? And this led to birth of this emergency rescue service app.

Who We Are?

With years of experience in rescuing vehicles, our founders Vineet and Sumit established “Gift of Life Foundation”, with the aim of rescuing lives from critical situations.

Our Motto: Protect and Rescue 
Our Mission: To Save Life

We are group of trained and specialised people in emergency services. Trained squads, network of ambulances, and specialised help centers enable us to carry out rescues.
For easier access to our services, “Gift of Life Foundation” launched a SOS app called “Rakkshak”. Anyone can use this app when in danger or feels endangered; help will be provided instantly.


Our Priorities

Women Safety

Women safety is primary concern of country, and so it is ours as well. We are focusing to make Delhi safe again for women. Our women safety app has “Watch Over Me” feature, a personal Guardian Angel that oversees women when they travel or feel threatened. Help will be on its way whenever women feel unsafe.

Road Accidents

Road accidents are major cause of premature deaths in Delhi/NCR. We provide timely medical help in case of road accidents. Trained rescue personnel and ambulance are sent to user’s Live location.

Elderly Safety

Elderly Safety is also very important for us. Old parents can’t help themselves in cases of emergency. In busy life of big cities they are often left alone, unwillingly. Using this elderly safety app, elders can can tap “SOS” button in case of any emergency.

Sumit Gupta


Sumit Gupta is Co-Founder of Rakkshak. He has 15 years of experience in Financial Management, Fund Raising, International Trade and Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR). He is now focused on making cities more secure. 


Vineet Jain


Vineet has 15 years of experience in rescue service. After success of India’s first roadside vehicle rescue service RACE (Rapid Action in Car Emergency) and Crossroads, Vineet is focused on rescuing lives from emergencies.


Safety Tip

Get a basic self defence training, to protect yourself in emergencies. It will come handy if you are attacked and will increase self-confidence too.