Women Safety App for India

India’s first 24*7 Integrated Emergency Rescue app for women safety, dedicated to making women feel safe in any environment, at any time.

SOS for Women

In case of any emergency, press SOS button in the app. Our 24*7 rescue team will be alerted. Police, community members, and your family alerted as well.

Watch Over Me

If you feel unsafe, press “Watch Over Me” button. Monitoring team will frequently contact you to ensure safety.  In case of a problem, rescue team alerted.


How Rakkshak Is Helpful In Different Scenarios

At Work

Feeling unsafe at work? Rakkshak provides 24*7 help in any emergency situation 


Rakkshak team will track you Live to ensure you reach your destination safely.

Living Alone

Your 24*7 guardian angel when you are living alone. Enjoy your life fearlessly.

Night shift jobs

Work at odd hours confidently, knowing someone is there who’s got your back.

Social Gatherings

Let your safety be our priority, while you enjoy the occasion. Now you can truly live freely.

Just Go For a Walk

Now you can focus on enjoying the surroundings, and not monitoring your surroundings

Emergency Response Team for Women Safety

Rakkshak has its own on-ground network of trained rescue professionals, ambulances, and 24*7 response centers. Together, they ensure that someone is available to help you in case an emergency arises. Further, the network is enhanced by community members, government services, and your own family / friends.


What Women say