The Key Role of Rakkshak in
Corporate Sector

Companies spend a large amount of money on development of their employees. Rakkshak adds a tough layer of security around employees. Rakkshak not only protects your employees, it also extends its cover to their families and loved ones..

If you have employees in night shift, then this app is must for their safety. While travelling at night, your employees can activate “Watch Over Me” for safety. Our Help Center will track the journey of your employees. In case something goes wrong, not only our team will be notified, but your HR as well as Admin contacts will be notified as well.

Easy Security

Security of employees gets easier. Companies can handover the responsibility of security to a professional and responsible rescue team.

Better Security Network

All your employees will become part of a security network, spread throughout the city. In case of any emergency, some of them could be nearby to provide a quicker response.


Provide Safety To Your Clients

Corporate sector can secure their customers by utilizing this App. Companies can give security to their customers and add an extra layer of protection to their insurances. This will provide one more reason for your customers to choose you over your competitors.

More stable customers

As customers will have subscription to our security app through you, it will increase trust of customers for your brand.

Increased Brand Reputation

Providing security to your customers is sure shot way of increasing your brand’s reputation and trust.

CSR Programs

While India is one of largest economies of the world, it still has largest number of underprivileged people. With increased awareness of this disbalance, some companies have started taking responsibility on their own, while some are pushed by government under Corporate Social Responsibility Program (CSR).

Rakkshak provides a good CSR initiative. Its services will be served to people who are financially unfortunate. By becoming CSR partner of your company, Rakkshak can save more lives than ever before.


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